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Label: All Night Flight - none
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: France
Released: 2023
Genre: Electronic, Pop, Classical, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Abstract, Experimental, New Wave, Sound-Collage

Stunning broken art-folk dream music with links to the mystery crew responsible for that adored Nina Harker LP from a couple of years ago.

As soon as the needle drops it’s clear we are jump-cutting straight to the other side of the mirror. Cats purr, a woman sings as if asleep, drum machines stutter and warp and Alvin Lucier is not 'sitting in a room that is not different to the one you are not in now’. If you’re already confused, join the club. But, it’s the good kind of confused, a bewildering experience akin to the first time hearing the Faust Tapes or watching Inland Empire. Wait though, as pigeons coo and the tape machine clunk-clicks a gorgeous weirdo version of Roger's and Hart’s Blue Moon emerges to let you know this isn’t just dada splurge, there’s a genius pop sensibility at work here too. Side two takes us further into the murk with mournful detuned brass, stoned Joan La Barbara-esque vocalese and a droning Farfisa hymn, before ending with another too-tempting snatch of DIY pop. Some of the references are recognisable. All kinds of 70s/80s European art prog - think early Battiato, Pierot Lunaire’s Gudrun, Lucia Bosè and Gregorio Paniagua's Io Pomodoro etc etc. There’s a strong whiff of 90s us goof-off surrealism too- Bongwater, Siltbreeze, Royal Trux’s Twin infinitives, the damaged folkier side of Alastair Galbraith, Half-Japanese, early Beck even all feel relevant.

Like an oddball group of friends you might meet by chance and end up weirding-out with for days, the minds behind this deliciously odd music allow you to stay for a while in their strange subcultural world. You might not want to live here forever but a short trip, while it lasts, rewires your brain for the better.. (Mint / New - with free DL - shops pls get in touch for wholesale)


A1 - ありがとう
A2 - La Tempesta
A3 - I’m not sitting in a room
A4 - Blue Moon
A5 - Kedith Shea
A6 - La Lumaca

B1 - ありがとう
B2 - La Tempesta
B3 - I’m not sitting in a room
B4 - Blue Moon
B5 - Kedith Shea
B6 - La Lumaca



Played, written, recorded and glued at home and on the road by Apolline Schöser & Thomas Coquelet
Mixed by: Manuel Duval & Thomas Coquelet
Mastering: Marlon Wolterink
Typographies et maquettes: Apolline Schöser

In co-production with :

- Aguirre (BE)
- Animal Biscuit (FR)
- BeCoq (FR)
- El Muelle 1931 (ES)
- La République des Granges (FR)
- U-Bac (DE)