V/A - Contemporary Homemade Music From Sweden CD
V/A - Contemporary Homemade Music From Sweden CD
V/A - Contemporary Homemade Music From Sweden CD

V/A - Contemporary Homemade Music From Sweden CD

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Label: Discreet Music
Format: CD
Country: Sweden
Released: 2021
Genre: Electronic, Rock & Pop
Style: Lo-FI, DIY, Electronic

Wowzers.. 2022 MVP Discreet Music delivers this Scandi selection box just in time for the festive season.  The full Gothenburg family is in attendance, most noticably newcomer Astrid Øster Mortensen who blindsided us with that AOTY contender ‘Gro Mig En Blomst’ on FFFM in March and is back with two more pieces of homespun, cotton-wool folk.  Lullaby-like softly plucked strings drift in and out of background clatter on ‘Har Ondt I Halsen..’, whereas the brutally short, dream-like pipe organ piece ‘A Shy Kind Of Being’ is easily one of the best things I’ve heard this year and recalls that beautiful piece Natalia Beylis did for Jon Collin’s Early Music quite recently.  Noisier inclusions come via Sewer Election and the cheap synth spew of Art & Miljo, whilst the previously mentioned Jon Collin goes all Henry Flynt on ‘Dream Sequence, End Of Summer’.  I really could go on forever here, there’s not a track out of place.  Easily the most complete and accessible, snapshot of the most interesting DIY scene on the planet right now.. (Mint / New)


1. Jon Collin - Dream sequence, end of summer 04:59
2. Astrid Øster Mortensen - Har ondt i halsen og går til biblioteket for at låne en bog 
3. Astrid Øster Mortensen - A shy kind of being 01:47
4. Charlott Malmenholt - Unica Zürn flyger över Hannover 02:22
5. Blod - Tillsammans 05:01
6. Hugo Randulv - Cello improvisation 1 03:20
7. Sewer Election - Leak loop 05:02
8. Skogar - Wrong legacy 02:08
9. Incipientium - Rayan 04:06
10. Leda - Trummusik 04:46

11. JJ ulius - Ansiktet bland molnen (att leva och dö i nNrden) 01:01
12. Amateur Hour - Baby You are all I want 03:52
13. Arv & Miljö - Dirty deeds done dirt cheap 04:42
14. Klas Trollius - Fiskhamnen 05:47
15. Treasury of Puppies - Mordet i kennelklubben 01:16