Ultrafog – Untitled
Ultrafog – Untitled

Ultrafog – Untitled

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Label: City-2 St. Giga – C2SG007
Format: Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition
Country: Japan
Released: 5 Nov 2022
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient

Japanese artist Kouhei Fukuzumi aka Ultrafog bubbles to the surface for a rare solo release on the enigmatic Tokyo-based City-2 St. Giga label.  Ultrafog maintains a strong association to the sprawl of artists associated with labels like Motion Ward / West Mineral / Experiences Ltd and probably others - it’s hard to keep up - and also was played a part in that great Folder release a few years back, each dealing in a new strain of heavily textured, nebulous ambient-ish electronica.  The full A-side here immediately recalls that incredible Loidis EP from back in 2018 (!) - trippy, slightly anesthetized rhythm trips basked in shimmering iridescent melodies and gauzy lightweight textures - one of those tracks where 15 minutes just isn’t enough.  The B-side drops the rhythm to focus on three simply gorgeous expanses of free floating, ethereal ambience rich in sub-bass tremors and a luxurious, milky sheen.  It seems there’s a lot of this stuff around at the minute, but when it’s good.. it’s really good.  (Mint / New)


A1 Charisma
B1 Fourty Four
B2 Lenexa
B3 Albino