Oval - Systemisch
Oval - Systemisch

Oval - Systemisch

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Label: Mille Plateaux – MP LP 9, Mille Plateaux – MP 9, EFA – EFA 00659-6
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 1994
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Experimental

CRUCIAL early glitch LP from Oval with their '94 Mille Plateaux debut Systemisch. Reportedly constructed from damaged CDs, the German producers would listen to the unpredictable digital skips and jumps of their source material and rearrange them into this beautiful, warm-but-cold, distant-yet-familiar sound that at once sounds entirely synthesised and robotic but retains a human feel. The seismic tremors that would be felt in electronic music through the 00's with the 'clicks n' cuts' sound (think Vladislav Delay, SND, Jan Jelinek, +++), can be more or less traced back to this one, and whether you find this 00's trend amazing or uninteresting it's difficult to understate it's significance and I'd HIGHLY recommend a deep dive into this world if you haven't already - starting with this one.  (NM)

A1 Textuell
A2 Aero Deck
B1 The Politics Of Digital Audio
B2 Schöner Wissen
B3 Catchy DAAD
C1 Mediaton
C2 Tonregie
C3 Oval Office
D1 Compact Disc
D2 Post-Post
D3 Gabba Nation